Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza in Seville

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The Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza is a very large bullring in Seville, Spain. Seating 12,000 spectators, it is one of the oldest and most famous bullfighting rings in Spain as well as the world. Construction began on the stadium in 1749 and the highlight of the bullring is the “prince’s box”, which has ornate arches and columns and was exclusively reserved for the Spanish Royal Family. It is still an active bullfighting ring that has bullfights from March/April until September. Certainly there are passionate feelings about bullfighting, its cruelty as well as its cultural significance. The history and architectural design of the bullring make it worthwhile to visit regardless of your opinion of bullfighting.

IMGP3812 The Prince’s Box for the Royal Family

IMGP3811 Inside of the Bullfighting Ring

IMGP3821 Painting of a Famous Matador

IMGP3817 Walking Inside of the Bullring

We were in Spain in November, so we did not have…

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What Do You Hope to Get from Traveling

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There is a saying that travel is it’s own reward, but there are obviously other reasons for making the decision to travel to different places. Whether for vacation, adventure, a change of scenery, or a trip of a lifetime, people travel to a variety of places every day. For the most part, people are hoping to gain something from their travels, after all it is often quite expensive. We aren’t any different, we also get something in return for traveling to all of the places that we visit. For us, it is learning about the culture, meeting the people, and experimenting with local flavors that are our rewards. We aren’t cultural anthropologists, but we do use many of those concepts when we are on a trip to a foreign country.

SCAN0248 When Our Raft Flipped on the River

DSC_9244 Dancing in an Embera Village in Panama

DSC_3765 Hiking in the Andes Mountains


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10 Things to Do Prior to Traveling Internationally that Some People Forget

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Planning a trip is a fun process as you investigate where to stay, what to see, and make travel arrangements. However, if you are traveling internationally, there are several things that you should be sure to do in addition to the actual planning of the trip itself. Some of these things need to be done several weeks in advance, so be sure to consider them as part of your planning process. They are simple steps that could help you avoid your trip of a lifetime from turning into the disaster of a lifetime.

imgp2184 Amsterdam from the Roof of Our Hotel

  1. Check Visa and Passport Requirements – Be sure to see whether the country you are visiting requires a tourist visa in order to enter and how long the visa will be valid. There are usually requirements as to how many blank pages you need to have in your passport as…

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Channel du Midi et le Bastille du Carcassonne

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This channel is located in Carcassone, is the part inside the “Bastille du Carcassonne”. It is a nice place to see the floodgate and how it works.

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Eguisheim, France

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There are many wonderful towns on the wine road in Alsace, France. One of the first towns that we visited during our day tour from Strasbourg was Eguisheim. It is a medieval town that was built in rings of buildings that circle the town square. With its historic buildings, tiny streets, and unique shops, it is a popular destination for tourists who visit Alsace and the wine road. One of the highlights of Eguisheim is the Chapelle Saint-Leon IX, which is a beautiful chapel located near the fountain in the town square.

DSC_1633 Narrow Streets of Eguisheim

DSC_1609 Chapelle Saint-Leon IX

DSC_1641 Beautiful Architecture

DSC_1648 Historic Quaintness

DSC_1620 Wondering Through the Town

We visited Eguisheim during the winter and there were still plenty of crowds, but we would expect the town to be even more crowded during the summer months when the entire area is a popular destination. Walking the narrow streets is truly like…

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Day 2. Visiting The Deep in Hull and dining at Ambiente

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We woke to some lovely spring sunshine and started our day with a hearty breakfast at a window table of the hotel’s restaurant overlooking the marina. As we tucked into our delicious breakfasts we watched the crew of one yacht preparing to set sail.

Untitled Enjoying breakfast overlooking the marina

The buffet had an excellent choice of hot and cold dishes with omelettes, pancakes and smoothies being freshly prepared to order. I’m a big fan of smoothies and my glass of fruits of the forest, honey and oats was sublime, It was a leisurely start to the day and it took us some time to make a move as we lingered over cups of frothy cappuccino and glanced at the complimentary morning papers.

Untitled Hull Marina lock gates

There was so much more of Hull for us to explore so we got ourselves ready and strolled through the marina and along the…

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Day 1. Hull – UK City of Culture

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Hull is a port city in East Yorkshire, northern England, located on the north bank of the Humber estuary. It was awarded the title of UK City of Culture in 2017 and I was interested to visit the city to take a look at its cultural attractions for myself and discover if the accolade was deserved.

Untitled Hull Paragon station concourse

To make the most of our weekend in Hull we left home early and arrived into the city’s Paragon railway station shortly before lunchtime. Brightly coloured banners along the station concourse proudly proclaimed the city’s cultural status and I was excited to begin exploring Hull as it was a city I was unfamiliar with.

Untitled Bronze statue of the poet Philip Larkin

Standing proudly on the station concourse we spotted a 7ft (2.1m) bronze statue in honour of the famous poet Philip Larkin who lived in Hull for over 30 years…

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Vatican City: A complete guide


For most of us ‘woke’ travelers, Vatican City is synonymous with the home of the Pope, and its string of holy places to visit, as a result. Scattered with museums and a beautiful lineage, Vatican City makes for a fun, informative trip for a whole day of sightseeing. If you’re in Italy, i would definitely recommend checking out Vatican city. Read on before you prepare your itinerary!

Views on views!

Getting to the Vatican

The Vatican is located right in between Rome, and is hard to differentiate, if it had not been for its distinctive museums. Therefore, it makes the most sense to take a one-day trip to the Vatican from Rome.

Vatican city oozes royalty.


If you’re planning to take a taxi in, go straight to the Vatican Museums from wherever you are in Rome.


A more viable and convenient option is the metro. You can take…

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Cappadocia (Kapadokya), Turkey

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Cappadocia or Kapadokya (in turkish) – This unique, UNESCO World Heritage area is just amazing, and a “must visit” if you are into both history and nature. You will just fall in love with the beautiful landscape, the views, the fairy chimneys, the sunset, the sunrise, the changing weather. I have to admit, this is one of the most unique places I have ever visited, and I just can’t wait to go back and explore and learn more about all of it.


In addition, Cappadocia is becoming famous of all the Instagram photos of the Hot Air balloons and the charming settings from all the different Cave Hotels in the different town Göreme, Uçhisar and Ürgüp. However, Cappadocia deserves much more attention than all the amazing photos posted on Instagram..

Even if it might be the Hot Air Balloons that is most featured from Cappadocia at the moment, just be…

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