Icons of Summer

Stylish Heath

What is it about the time between late summer and early fall that we struggle with what remains of the season; pickling cucumbers, making preserves or cultivating the garden to yield a few more flowers before early frost.

Soak up the sun & surf near any body of water, preferably an ocean or lake before losing too much light. Escape to a seaside island or spa for a weekend of relation.

There is nothing like a steamed basket of blue crabs known as “Maryland crab”, which are caught in Virginia waters off the Chesapeake Bay, sprinkled with bay seasoning makes a perfect summer meal. Watermelon is a staple in our house during the season, which is used for lunches or snacking.

Seasonal storms blow in frequently throughout the mid-Atlantic, which create a cozy atmosphere inside when it’s impossible to get outside for gardening, barbecuing, or swimming.And, no matter where I…

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Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City

Travelling around the world

The Imperial Garden occupies 12,000 square meters and was built in the days of the Ming Dynasty in 1417.It has the characteristics typical of the typical Chinese garden, with trees, rocky areas, flower beds and sculptural elements. There are more than twenty structures, and the main one is the Imperial Peace Hall. To emphasize also a pine of more than 400 years, that symbolizes the harmony between the emperor and the empress.

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The City-London

Travelling around the world

The City of London is one of the most important financial districts in Europe. In this area of London many people are concentrated during the day as they go to work, but at night it is very quiet as the weekend.

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Slovakian – Polish bike connection

Supertramp Diary

Hey there all! How are you doing? I was traveling again and found an amazing place once again. Do you like trains, bikes, nature, sights, uphill, downhill and also some good local cheese? If you answered yes at least on one of these things, this post will be for you! So let me tell you about a bike path which connects Slovakia with Poland or – bike trip from Trstena to Nowy Targ.

About cycle path

This cycle path was made over old railway tracks, which were built here between 19th and 20th century. Train tracks were not much used so people decided to turn this onto a cycle path. And what an idea it was! Amazing one. Me as a train love, I am sad I did not have a chance to take a train ride in this area – as it looks really lovely. But I am so…

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Marriott International to Eliminate Single-Use Shower Toiletry Bottles

Bon Voyage

A Noble Effort

Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) recently announced that it’s expanding an initiative to replace tiny, single-use toiletry bottles of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel in guestroom showers with larger, pump-topped bottles. To date, the company has already rolled out larger bottles at about 1,000 properties in North America, and now expects most of its other hotels to make the switch by December 2020. When fully implemented across the globe, Marriott International’s expanded toiletry program is expected to prevent about 500 million tiny bottles annually from going to landfills; that’s about 1.7 million pounds of plastic, a 30% annual reduction from current amenity plastic usage.

I just hope other luxury hotels around the world will take such initiative soon. 

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France A629

Travelling around the world

In France, driving to Carcassonne, in the road A629 in the south of France. As you know France it is a beautiful place, to stop in every small village for a good food in a nice restaurant or just to walk around.

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Saint Petersburg

Ayla Boswell

It was a few years ago when I went to Russia, so it may be a little difficult to remember some of my experiences and places I visited. A few things have stuck in my head over the years, and some of these photos definitely brought back old memories. Hopefully I remember enough to make it interesting for those of you who enjoy my travel diaries.

Saint Petersburg - Ayla Boswell

Getting There

Getting to Saint Petersburg was quite the experience and something I will never forget. I started my journey from Moscow, where I was staying for a month while my mother and I were visiting my Baba. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are not close enough to each other were we could just hop on a subway (unfortunately). We had to take an overnight train where we stayed in little train cabins and slept on tiny beds attached to the wall. I’ve travel by…

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The Allure of Odessa: When Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

ESL Ventures

I am not often at a loss for words when describing a place I enjoyed so much. ☺️

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Walking on a Glacier

Travelling with Lyn

Yes, I walked on a Glacier.  A humbling experience that was awe inspiring. This moving river of compacted snow/ice is more than just a pretty picture, it signifies millions of years of our history. Scientists believe the Columbia Icefield predates the existence of man and when you see it, you can’t help but feel a sense of your own smallness. The glacial area extends between the summits of Mount Columbia (3,747 metres]) on the west and Mount Athabasca  (3,491 metres) on the east. The Columbia Icefield is the largest ice field in the Rocky Mountains. It covers some 230 sq km to a depth of 365 m and is 28 km long.  The glacier receives an average of 7 metres of new snowfall per year. Not all of that snow can melt in the short summers so it accumulates, turning to ice.


We arrived at the Columbia Icefields glacier discovery centre and had…

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Extreme Tourism: Visiting Chernobyl in Ukraine

ESL Ventures

On April 26th, 1986 a catastrophe occurred in Chernobyl.

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