Every cup of coffee is a voyage

Salt of Portugal

Sr. Adelino Delta

It was with anticipation that we drove to Campo Maior to meet Adelino Cardoso. For 41 years he has tasted, tested and roasted the coffees made by Delta, a renowned Portuguese coffee brand.

When Adelino joined Delta, he first had to prove his worth by roasting humble ingredients like barley and chicory. It was only then that Comendador Nabeiro, the legendary founder of Delta, took Adelino under his wing and started introducing him to the secrets of coffee production.

Adelino speaks about coffee with great  passion. “Every cup of coffee is a voyage,” he tells us. “To places like Brazil, Kenya and Vietnam where the coffee is cultivated. Every day containers arrive from faraway lands.  We take samples that are visually inspected and analyzed in the laboratory. If these tests are satisfactory, we roast the beans, grind them and brew coffee. We taste the coffee in a quiet room…

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Family Holidays Travel Tour Tips Guide Italy 2019-20

India Travel Tour Guide 2019, Family Vacation Tour Tips Packages India

Family Guide Italy 2019-20, Holidays Travel Tour Tips 2019-20, Vacation Travel Tour TipsGuide Italy 2019-20 Italy, one of my preferred spots to visit and a simple nation in Europe to travel. In any case, similar to any nation, there are a few things to know whether you are a first time guest that will spare you time, cash, and make your life simpler. Image result for italyThis is what I’ve realized during my movements to this lovely nation. Indeed I went to a one-day travel trip. This opportunity to excellent summer goal in Italy.Related imageGive me a chance to reveal to you it was a serious significant one day. Italy is presumably one of the most AMAZING spots I have had the option to travel! The entire outing just appears as though a fantasy and I am past thankful that I had the option to invest energy there…

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Rakhi – The Thread Which Binds Love



The festival of Rakhi is soon approaching. It is an everlasting bond between a brother and sister which is one of the most popular celebrations in every Indian home. It is celebrated every year on ‘Shravan Purnima’ (Full Moon Day of the Hindu month of Shravan), which generally falls in the month of August. It is symbolised by sisters tying the sacred thread ‘Rakhi’ on their brother’s wrist and brothers promising protection for a lifetime against all odds which again fortifies the bond between them.

There are different versions of evidence in history which glorifies this festival.

  • The ancient one when Indrani tied a thread around her husband Lord Indra’s wrist given to her by Lord Vishnu to protect him from demons during the war between the gods and demons.
  • The promise of protection by Lord Krishna when he cut his finger and was bleeding profusely. Seeing this, Draupadi tore…

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Incredible Bridge Designs Around the World

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This is a guest post by John Hannen.

You wouldn’t give crossing a bridge a second thought, it’s just something we do to get from one place to another, but it is a unique privilege that we have. High above the water or the ground, a beautiful view of the city sprawling out before you — it’s a pretty underrated experience!

Although your local bridge may not be as impressive, there are some grand designs elsewhere. From a bridge that the Devil himself is said to have helped build, to a bridge that curls up, structure analysis software providers Oasys cast an expert eye on these unique structural successes.

Germany: Rakotzbrücke (Also Known as Devil’s Bridge)

Germany Rakotzbrücke also known as Devil’s Bridge.jpgPhoto: A. Landgraf

The water beneath this bridge mirrors perfectly, creating a mesmerising circle from afar. The bridge is said to have been commissioned by a knight in 1860. But the rocks and stones…

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Day 3. Chinatown and Shopping on Orchard Road Singapore

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image Hotel breakfast area

We woke early this morning as a result of jet lag, so we went down to breakfast at 7.30 am.  We sat out on the covered terrace which was kept cool with large ceiling fans.  The breakfast spread was a good selection of Western and Asian dishes, fruit, pastries, noodles, etc. and much more choice than one would expect from a Holiday Inn Express.  After a leisurely breakfast and a look at our iPads we set off exploring.

image Chinatown

Chinatown was a short walk from the hotel so we spent the morning looking around the lantern decorated streets.  We arrived at about 10.00 am which was a little too early as most of the shops and stalls had not yet opened.   Still, we enjoyed our tour of the area and as it was so close to the hotel we could pop back later in the week…

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Day 2. Exploring Singapore

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image Marina Bay

After quickly showering and unpacking we headed back out into town taking the MRT to City Hall station. From there we walked to the iconic Raffles Hotel, named after Sir Stamford Raffles who founded Singapore and established the East India Company in 1819.

image Marina Bay

Whilst there, we looked in the famous Long Bar where Singapore Sling cocktails set you back $29 each. I loved the colonial style of Raffles with its tall palms and large rattan cooling fans.

Next it was time to eat, so we studied our map and walked along to the Esplanade where we found Makansutra/ Gluttons Bay Hawker Stall.

image Raffles Hotel

This is an outdoor food court seating 550 people with 12 food stalls offering a large range of street food from chilli crabs to noodles. In one corner there is a kiosk selling drinks to accompany the food. As it…

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Banteay Srei-Cambodia

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I went to the temple of Banteay Srei in 2014 this is a Cambodian temple from the X century and is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. Is located in the Ankor area of Cambodia, and it is built mainly of red sandstone with elaborate carvings on the walls.

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Grand Canyon-Arizona-Usa

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The previous night to go to the Grand Canyon I slept in Williams, in the morning I took the road and I stopped just a few minutes before the entrance of the park, I decided to rent an helicopter, It lasted 45 minutes, because is what they had available this time, there is no words to describe this wonderful landscape, the canyon. You can see yourself in the pictures …was amazing.

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The Campervan Man

There’s not much to do in Oviedo other than to drink cider and eat tapas, and of course, get a gearbox swapped…

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