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The 11 Best Wreck Diving Sites in the Caribbean

These once proud vessels are now happy new homes for myriad marine life and a prized underwater jaunt. Wreck diving is the ultimate diving experience. Source: The 11 Best Wreck Diving Sites in the Caribbean

National Geographic Endeavour II: The Apogee of Expedition Cruising | Track 25

I spied sea lions while running on the treadmill in the gym, glimpsed manta rays and sea turtles on my walk to the dining room, and ogled schools of flying fish while browsing in the gift shop. Nev… Source: National Geographic Endeavour II: The…

15 Volcanoes (Almost) Anyone Can Climb

Go for a hike at one of these volcanoes for craters, lakes, smoky vents, lava, and of course—bragging rights. Source: 15 Volcanoes (Almost) Anyone Can Climb Save

13 of the World’s Most Haunted Abandoned Places | Gogobot

By Becky Mahan, Editor It’s that time of year, again. And whether you like visiting haunted houses and creepy, abandoned places, or just reading about them and freaking yourself out, there’s no doubt the world is full of them. Here are 13 (strategic number,…

America’s Best Sailing Adventures

From New England to Hawaii, sailing companies provide exciting itineraries, sailing certifications, and unique land excursions. Source: America’s Best Sailing Adventures Save

Emerging Destinations: Namibia

From the peaks of the world’s tallest sand dunes to the floor of Africa’s deepest canyon, Namibia is home to flourishing wildlife, vibrant cities and a deep cultural past. With 120 registered caves to explore and a number of opportunities for travelers to hike,…

A Unique Glacier Adventure in Alaska – Gate 1 Travel Blog

As peak experiences go, few can match hiking on the gleaming surface of a glacier. Crisp, clean air embraces you at every step. Snow-covered slopes rise for miles to dramatic peaks. And the only so… Source: A Unique Glacier Adventure in Alaska – Gate…

15 Picturesque Lighthouse Hotels Around the World | Fodor’s Travel

Head to these scenic properties for 360-degree water views, the sound of crashing waves, and hardly a neighbor in sight. Source: 15 Picturesque Lighthouse Hotels Around the World | Fodor’s Travel

20 Best National Parks for Families

Tall trees, active volcanoes, and awe-inspiring caves await you on your next incredible family getaway, so start planning today! Source: 20 Best National Parks for Families

Britain’s 13 Most Magical Harry Potter Sites | Fodor’s Travel

From the rocky shores of Scotland to Oxford University, here are 18 places in Britain where Harry Potter comes to life. Source: Britain’s 13 Most Magical Harry Potter Sites | Fodor’s Travel

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