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Ayla Boswell

Hawaii has always been one of those sentimental and nostalgic places for me. I’ve been on a handful of family vacations to Hawaii since I was a baby. This was because my father spent 10 years of his life living there and always talked about how much he wanted to move back. Could you blame him? The islands are paradise. I almost feel spoiled that the most beautiful place in the world is a five hour flight from where I live. I don’t want to get to into my history with Hawaii in this blogpost since this is a photo diary. Maybe we can delve in the next time I visit Hawaii.

The photos here are from my most recent trips to Hawaii when I was on the island of Kaua’i and Hawai’i (aka The Big Island). These photos were taken before I had my DSLR, so they aren’t high quality like most…

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