Fairbanks, Alaska 2019


We celebrated my friend and I late/early birthday with a trip to Fairbank, Alaska. Yay!! In the beginning we were a little unsure if this was a good idea,mainly because it’s in January and we weren’t too sure what the weather would be like. But we YOLO and took our chances.

Initially we were going to uber to the hot spring once we landed, but it wasn’t until the week before our trip that we decided to get a car rental (which btw was THE BEST decision we made) because we weren’t too sure if uber was available AND if the driver would be willing to drive 1 hour there.

Right when we landed we made a quick stop at Safeway to grab some food and water because we weren’t too sure if the Chena Resort would have that many supplies for us. After the Safeway run we decided to…

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