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By Becky Mahan, Editor Sometimes, the most beautiful things aren’t well-known or obvious. These hidden lakes should get your wanderlust juices flowing — they aren’t all secret, but they’re tucked away like the planet’s best kept secrets should be: Reed Flute Lake (Guangxi, China) This is one of those places you have to see to believe. The natural limestone cave captures and refracts light beams (and reflections off the subterranean lake) to create a truly psychadelic effect that’s wildly popular with visitors. Lake Vyrnwy (Wales, UK) This lake is actually a reservoir in Powys, Wales, with the world’s first stone-built dam (from the 1880s.) Oh, and it’s home to a gorgeous castle tower that just might make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a Disney fairy tale. Lake Peyto (Banff National Park, Canada) This glacier-fed lake in the Canadian Rockies is only accessible via a high-altitude highway and is formed inside a mountain valley. Lake Ashi (Hakone, Japan) With incredible views

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