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By Becky Mahan, Editor Studies on quiet and sound have found that there is no place on Earth that experiences true silence: even if Mother Nature weren’t at play (animal sounds, the wind blowing, water lapping, etc.), the human ear can never escape the sound of the living human body. But there are plenty of places that are remote and still enough that they offer noticeable silence – far from the cacophony of human settlement. Not counting Antarctica or the upper reaches of the Himalayas, these are five of the world’s quietest places: Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Russia Photo: Kronotsky Nature Reserve by: flickr – Courtesy: Gogobot Only 3,000 tourists per year are allowed to visit this remote landscape in Russia’s far east, known as the Land of Fire and Ice. Dotted with geothermal hot springs, mud pots, volcanoes, and wild roaming animals, the most likely sound you’ll hear is the wind blowing across the landscape – or, more likely, the whirr of the blades on the

Source: Five of the Quietest Places in the World | Gogobot


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