13 of the World’s Most Haunted Abandoned Places | Gogobot

By Becky Mahan, Editor It’s that time of year, again. And whether you like visiting haunted houses and creepy, abandoned places, or just reading about them and freaking yourself out, there’s no doubt the world is full of them. Here are 13 (strategic number, by the way) of our favorite creepy, haunted, abandoned places around the world – and a peek into their tortured existence: Chateau Miranda – Belgium This castle was originally built for the French elite, but became a shelter orphanage for children during World War II. It was abandoned in 1980, and ghost hunters love to prowl the overgrown grounds for apparitions and mysterious voices. Priypat – Ukraine You may not recognize the city name, but you’ll know the nuclear plant that had a meltdown near it: Chernobyl exploded in 1986, sending a vast plume of radioactive material across the USSR and Europe. Pripyat, as the homebase for many of the plant workers, got the full brunt of it and was evacuated, leaving it today as an eerie,

Source: 13 of the World’s Most Haunted Abandoned Places | Gogobot

The Caribbean’s Sexiest Islands Caribbean Journal

Every island in the Caribbean can boast its own unique appeal, but some have a certain extra sexiness, a kind of pulsing quality.

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