The Valencia cathedral explained by a local – Valencia, Spain

The world is my museum

I went to Valencia with a group of art history students and we met up with some art history students from the University of Valencia. They showed us around in the city and one student even gave us a private tour through the Valencia cathedral!


The Valencia cathedral is beautiful from the outside.When you approach the church from the Plaza de la Virgen, you’ll see a beautiful entrance from the 15th century. No less than 48 apostles, angels and saints are depicted here. You’ll have to enter the church from the Plaza de la Reina though, where there is another beautiful entrance from the 18th century in a more Baroque style. Don’t forget to look at the doors when you enter the church, because there’s a beautiful relief on them.


When you enter the church, you’ll find the Chapel of the Holy Chalice on your right. This is where the…

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