Stiniva Beach/Cove- Croatia


If you are from the rest who always believe in having the best, then there should be no confusion to decide where to jet off this summer 🙂
this is the place to be. Stiniva beach on the Croatian Island of Vis.

FB_IMG_1472135653613.jpg Arial view of the beach- pic credit-google

This beach is voted the best beach in Europe in 2016.  It is a seaside paradise.
Hidden between two huge stunning cliff top with lovely white pebbles, and crystal clear water is just secluding and peaceful.
It is one of my best beach experiences.

IMG_2759 The narrow,shallow & rocky, cresent shaped cove of Stiniva

IMG_2754 Stay on the sunny side of life- getting sun kissed:)

When we were approaching with a boat, the view was dramatic.

Our boat had to stop a little away from the beach has there were swim barrier to prevent bigger boats entering this breathtaking place and the place…

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