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Lisbon, Portugal travel review

My one thousand lives blog

Lisbon as a city

I absolutely loved Lisbon, it was so stunning, very accessible and it felt really safe. I went to Lisbon for 4 days and in the beginning I was obviously using google maps to get around but after the second day I was able to find the way by myself. I really like when that happens because I feel like gives the city a homier feeling, when you just know your way around. Every street you walked on was steeped in history from the mosaic tiled paths, the beautiful town houses and the Georges castle on the hill. It was Definity one of the most picturesque cities I have ever been too. I also felt really safe walking around Lisbon at night, I usually didn’t get home until 10:30, not that late but still, the streets were busy with people, bars and pubs were all open and…

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Benefits of Hire Luxury Cars for Adelaide Airport Transfers in Advance

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Luxury Adelaide Airport Transfers

If you do not want to share a car or minibus with others, or if you are in a hurry and want to go to your hotel directly without riding around the city, then our personal transfers are the right choice for you. Private Adelaide Airport Transfers service is specially designed to provide you a great time. Along with this service with private driver Adelaide, you already know that when you arrive at the airport, a roundabout will be waiting for you and will take you to your destination without any extra hazard.

Advantages of booking in advance for Airport Transfers

For limo hire SA if you are a type of person who usually uses public transportation or regular taxi services, then you may have to wait around the airport with the next available vehicle for Adelaide transfers. And of course it is likely that you too can be…

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The Burning of Notre Dame

The Vile Mint


My heart bleeds in the flames of Notre Dame. 

We look to the spire, the hand reaching for the heavens, as a symbol of ancient protection. These architecturally beautiful monuments of historical whispers are reminders that there is something divine in this world. They’re a symbol of the bridge between man and the spiritual protector. The burning, crumbling stone evokes emotions akin to a grieving child at the funeral of a fallen parent.  

The bells are ringing in your ears. The bells that sounded so often through the city streets. A vibration that would paint the city in light, if only for a fleeting moment each day. Bells that would say, ‘Remember the true nature of your existence. I’m your protector, your saviour.’

Perhaps the tears are a realisation that the divine protection, that the connection to the spiritual realm, has been been destroyed. Perhaps the men fighting…

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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the last bit of my trip to Ireland. The last days I stayed in Galway, which is a city on the west of Ireland. This city is full of live music pubs and university students. I also had a tour around the region and visited cliffs of Moher.

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Santa Maria Della Salute : Venice

Alex's Planet in Pictures

A Roman Catholic Church, the Salute sits on the edge of the water in the heart of Venice. There’s a perfect view to look over the canal at St Marks bell tower and peaceful spots nearby to just chill. Its not a far walk from Piazzale Roma, though nothing in Venice is, however you may get a better view of the Salute from the water as you could take a water taxi to pass by or possibly a water bus. The Salute is also clearly visible from St Marks Square on the other side of the canal and from the Ponte dell’Accademia (bridge) if you wanted to get another perspective of the building.

IMG_4659IMG_4990IMG_4841IMG_4929Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 18.44.55.png

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Rialto Bridge + Grand Canal : Venice

Alex's Planet in Pictures

The most famous bridge in Venice, Rialto Bridge is a popular tourist hotspot with an insane view of the Grand Canal. Because of this, it’s difficult to get a good shot of yourself on the bridge so I recommend walking down the canal a little bit and having the bridge in the background. The bridge itself is beautiful and fits in perfectly with the architecture around it with large archway styled windows and lots of detailing throughout. According to sites online, the bridge has been rebuilt a few times however it still retains its original design.




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The train to Pinhão

Salt of Portugal

Trains Composit

There is a splendid train that travels from Oporto to Pinhão. Its creaky carriages are quite modest but they have windows that offer sumptuous views of the Douro valley.

The train leaves the station at a lazy pace but then it speeds up, hoping to impress the Douro river with the power of its engines. The river ignores these antics and continues to flow with confidence and poise.

At times, it looks like the train is going to dive into the river, such is the seductive power of the blue-green waters. At other times, the train tries to keep its distance, only to fall again under the spell of the Douro and travel back to its margins. It is as witnesses of the courtship between the steel train and the molten river that we arrive at Pinhão in the heart of the Douro valley.

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First Look at Fluffy – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Wandering NerdGirl

Universal Orlando just released our first look at Fluffy, part of their new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride. It’ll be replacing the Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure.

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Day 3. Exploring Wroclaw

Love Travelling

After a leisurely breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, we checked out of our room and stored our luggage until late afternoon. The Ibis Styles Wroclaw Centrum had been a good choice for our short break and its location near the railway station and the airport bus terminus provided us with easy access to public transport.

Untitled Wroclaw Railway Station

The day had started bright and sunny so we took a tram to Szczytnicki Park, a short distance out of town. The park is the oldest in the city and contains both Wroclaw Zoo and the Japanese Garden. We had hoped to visit the garden but were one week too early for its opening date of the year. However, we did manage to walk along the perimeter of the garden and catch a few glimpses of its buildings and stream through the metal fence.

Untitled Szczytnicki Park, Wroclaw

The garden was originally created…

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St Marks Square & Basilica : Venice

Alex's Planet in Pictures

Possibly the busiest spot in Venice, St Marks Square is a vast open space that connects the Basilica, Campanile and Doge’s Palace. The square also sits on the waters edge so you have an incredible view across the water. If you fancied a Gondola ride, there are plenty of people offering rides next to the square and is one of the busiest spots for them. The Basilica is the main point of focus when visiting the square and has the most incredible exterior and interior. With thousands of sq meters of mosaics, the cathedral is a collection of domes, marble walls and greek architecture.  As a symbol of wealth and power, the building has a myriad of details and meanings throughout.


IMG_3908Underneath Doge’s Palace





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