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Experience Places Through the Food

Living The Q Life

Now that we are back in the United States, we have been missing all of the food that we experienced during our time in Europe. We are strong advocates of trying a variety of foods when you are travelling, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone at times. We wish that there were more family owned, local, farm-to-table restaurants here for us to enjoy like when we were travelling. We haven’t had the opportunity to try and replicate any of the meals that we tasted since we aren’t in our new home yet, but we are looking forward to trying to capture the essence of some of those dishes. It wasn’t just about trying the local food, but sometimes simply about going into a small restaurant with authentic food from another region of the world. At the end of the day, what mattered most was the love for…

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The Food of Prague

Living The Q Life

Prague is a popular tourist destination and, as such, it has wonderful selection of restaurants to choose from when dining out. It many ways, the food is similar to the rest of central Europe, but as always, there are slight variations. One of the common themes that we were served was a dumpling that was very similar to bread pudding. They are thick and dense and wonderful for soaking up the different gravies, but will definitely leave you feeling like you could use to do a few extra exercises.

img_3487 Fish Soup with Fried Chickpeas

img_3481 Templar Knights Restaurant

img_3520 Venison with Spinach and Potatoes

img_3493 Chefs Busy at Work

The other commonality is the various selections of wild game that were available, which was obviously due to the time of year. The United States talks a lot about fresh ingredients and serving what is most available for the season, but rarely do you…

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The Food of Budapest, Hungary

Living The Q Life

It certainly shouldn’t be surprising that you can find just about any type of cuisine that you would like in a city the size of Budapest. Especially in the tourist areas, you can find restaurants featuring traditional Hungarian dishes, but you are just as likely to find Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, and even Mexican restaurants. It is also not surprising that you can find plenty of American fast food restaurants throughout the city. When it comes to Hungarian food, it is definitely meat and starch (potato/rice) forward and vegetables are almost an afterthought. One of the things that did surprise us were the number of restaurants specializing in burgers that we found everywhere. Not fast food restaurants, but just restaurants that offered many varieties of burgers on their menus.

IMG_0269 Goulash Soup

IMG_0803 Beef Tenderloin with Letcho and Fried Potatoes

IMG_0221 Chicken Paprikash

IMG_0323 Boar Cheeks with Napkin Dumplings

Goulash soup was probably the most…

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Travelling around the world

Located near Teruel in Spain, from the village you can see the fort on the mountain, I went there when I was staying in Teruel for a few days last summer.


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Day 2. Stuttgart – the city of cars

Love Travelling

After enjoying a varied selection of dishes for breakfast in our hotel’s restaurant we were ready to set off exploring. If cars are your thing then Stuttgart is definitely the place to visit as the city is the home of Mercedes and Porsche. Both of these motor manufacturers have museums on the outskirts of the city but in opposite directions and it was our intention to try and visit them both.

Untitled Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

We decided to head over to the Mercedes Benz Museum first. To get there we took the U Bahn to Bad Cannstatt and then transferred to a No. 56 bus just around the corner. This terminated outside the museum entrance which is next door to the Daimler factory. The museum is open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m, Tuesday to Sunday with standard adult admission costing €10 (£8.50) and free for holders of the .StuttCard.

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Travelling around the world

Greenwich is a neighborhood, in London, located on the south bank of the River Thames well known for its maritime history and for being the location of Greenwich Mean Time. This site includes the former Royal Naval College, the Cutty Sark ship, and the Observatory Of Greenwich (the place where the Origin Meridian passes), located in the Royal Park of Greenwich.

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Azores from A to Z: Flores Island

Jules Verne Times Two

I had just sat down at the porch with a book when I saw a yellow shadow darting around the corner. Its pursuer, although chubby and clumsy, gave chase enthusiastically. I stretched my leg to block him. ─ “Gabriel, does that clump of yellow fur you’re holding in your hand belong to that poor cat? Come on, let’s look for it and try to explain you are not a little homicidal maniac. Probably.”

This is the fifth instalment of our trip through Azores, a Portuguese archipelago that sits on the Atlantic Ocean, roughly a third of the way from Lisbon to New York. Read the first parts here, here, here and… here.

The yellow cat had hurried back to the neighbouring house. Its owner was busy tending a beautiful flower garden, and fortunately didn’t seem to have noticed the incident. “Hello neighbours, first time at Flores?”, she…

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Day Trip to Bruges


One of the best things you can do in Belgium, apart from gorging on its delicious food, is take a day trip to one of its beautiful towns and explore them by foot! One of those must-see destinations is Bruges, a city in northwest Belgium, about an hour and a half away from Brussels. The city is discerned by its ample canals and pretty, medieval buildings. All that said, it is also quite a romantic place to be, depending on the company you hold!

Here are some tips and recommendations for day trip to Bruges, whether you’re on a budget or not!

How to get there

If you’re trying to get to Bruges directly from the airport, the nearest one is Brussels National Airport. From there, you can either go by Bus, Car, or take the train. You can also easily reach Bruges from Antwerp or Gent.


A train…

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The Architecture of Bridges

Living The Q Life

Wherever you travel, one of things that it almost always on the list of the things to see in a city will be a historic bridge. Obviously, bridges serve an important function to allow people to cross rivers or large crevasses safely. Over time, though, they became places to display art and statues or were dedicated to honor famous citizens of a city. We have seen many fascinating bridges over the years and it would be hard for us to choose a favorite. Whether it is the height of the bridge in Ronda, the uniqueness of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or the artwork of the Charles Bridge in Prague, they are all beautiful in their own way. The beauty of bridges isn’t isolated to Europe as we have seen many interesting bridges in the US as well in places like Chicago and Pittsburgh. What is the most interesting bridge that…

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